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    Millions of people pour into New Orleans for the culture, food, and unique experiences.  CRATES as we know represents the journey and travel which harmoniously side by side move as people do like crawfish in the Bayou.

    NOLA CRATES is a brand that shares the Spirit and the Culture of New Orleans, which is loved throughout the World.  As a major port city, it is only right to bring out an unknown but very thriving industry, which makes our city one of the world’s major cultural port cities “SHIPPING CRATES”, full of memories that will never fade away, those you can take wherever you go after leaving the beautiful City of New Orleans. 

    NOLA CRATES is here to assist you in building your own Crate, wherein you can share your story across the World… your World… wherever it leads it will remain strong as the people of New Orleans who are unique in Spirit.